Let’s Find out the Types of Public Transportation in Malaysia! Also check the route!

Public transportation is a basic need that needs to be known if we want to visit out of town or even abroad. When I want to visit Malaysia, of course I find out what transportation is in Malaysia. In addition to finding out the type, I also find out the route. Broadly speaking, transportation in Malaysia is divided into 2 namely rail-based and bus-based transportation systems. Here are some of the transportation available in Malaysia:

Rail Based Transportation in Malaysia:

1. KL Monorail

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Photo by: monorails.org

KL Monorail is a mode of transportation that connects KL Sentral to Titiwangsa. KL Monorail serves 11 stations stretching along 8.6 km with two parallel train bridges. Following is the route map for KL Malaysia Monorail: