Let’s Find out the Types of Public Transportation in Malaysia! Also check the route!

Public transportation is a basic need that needs to be known if we want to visit out of town or even abroad. When I want to visit Malaysia, of course I find out what transportation is in Malaysia. In addition to finding out the type, I also find out the route. Broadly speaking, transportation in Malaysia is divided into 2 namely rail-based and bus-based transportation systems. Here are some of the transportation available in Malaysia:

Rail Based Transportation in Malaysia:

1. KL Monorail

Photo by: monorails.org

KL Monorail is a mode of transportation that connects KL Sentral to Titiwangsa. KL Monorail serves 11 stations stretching along 8.6 km with two parallel train bridges. Following is the route map for KL Malaysia Monorail:

Photo by: myrapid.com.my

2. LRT (Light Rapid Transit)

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LRT is a public rail transportation service that runs two main routes, the Kelana Jaya LRT line and the Ampang LRT line. The Kelana Jaya LRT line operates courses about 27 km from north to south, between Kelana Jaya (in the Klang Valley, 17 km from the KL center) and Gombak (16 km from the city center). Meanwhile, the Ampang line is split into two destinations – covering a distance of 20km and 11km respectively: the two routes start at Sentul Timur LRT Station north of Kuala Lumpur, with the first route ending at Sri Petaling in the south, while the second lane ends at Ampang on the outskirts east of the city. Following is the route map for LRT Malaysia:

Photo by: kuala-lumpur.ws

3. KTM Komuter

Photo by: klia2.info

We can buy KTM Commuter tickets at the ticket window or machines at the station entrance. Prospective passengers can also buy a card that can be swiped at the ticket gate before entering the train. We can refill the card balance and use it in the future. The direction of the train’s destination is also clearly displayed both inside the train car and at the station and easy to read because it uses bilingual (English and Malaysian), so you don’t need to be afraid even if you travel alone. Here is a route map for KTM Komuter:

Photo by: ktmb.com.my

4. KLIA Ekspres / KLIA Transit

Photo by: img.astroawani.com

KLIA Express / KLIA Transit is used as transportation to and from the airport. This is one of the transportation from Kuala Lumpur airport to Kuala Lumpur city center. The train used is very comfortable and is equipped with AC and WiFi facilities.

Schedule arrival of KLIA Ekspres every 15 minutes during off peak hours and every 20 minutes during peak hours.

Jadwal by: kliaekspres.com

Whereas for KLIA Transit the arrival schedule is every 15 minutes during off peak hours and every 30 minutes during peak hours.

Schedule by: kliaekspres.com

5. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

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MRT is operated in Malaysia starting December 2016, MRT becomes a land transportation route which is bigger than LRT. MRT tickets can be purchased at the Vending Machine available at the station area. In addition, friendly officers will help prospective passengers get the desired tickets. Slightly different from tickets for KL Monorail and LRT, the ticket machine on the MRT will issue a token when entering the entry gate and must be entered into the exit gate when arriving at the destination station. The following is a map of the route for Malaysia’s MRT:

Photo by: mymrt.com.my

Bus Based Transportation in Malaysia:

1. Rapid-KL

Photo by: myrapid.com.may

Rapid-KL is a white-blue bus. Rapid-KL bus payments are made on the bus by putting money in a small box next to the driver’s pack. Can also tap the card if you have, because there is no change for cash. At RapidKL we can also buy local ALL-DAY tickets that take us to tourist attractions in Malaysia. Ticket prices offered range between RM 1 for a local ALL-DAY bus ticket, RM 2 for an ALL-Day city bus ticket, and RM 5 for an ALL-DAY express bus ticket. The ALL-DAY ticket will give you unlimited rides on the same service (Local, City or Express) throughout the day.

2. Go-KL

Photo by: klia2.info

Go-KL is a free bus provided by the Malaysian government. This Go-KL bus is dedicated to travelers. For scheduled arrival of about 5 minutes or so at the bus stop. Here is a map of Go-KL bus routes:

Photo by: static.asiawebdirect.com

3. KL Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Photo by: static.asiawebdirect.com

Using the Hop On Hop Off Bus is the most appropriate way to get a general picture of Kuala Lumpur. Here are the prices of KL Hop-On Hop-Off buses.

MalaysiaChildren 5-12 Years24 HoursRM 15.00
 Adults > 12 years24 HoursRM 25.00
 Children 5-12 Years48 HoursRM 25.00
 Adults > 12 years48 HoursRM 40.00
 Family Package24 HoursRM 65.00
Non-MalaysiaChildren 5-12 Years24 HoursRM 25.00
 Adults > 12 years24 HoursRM 50.00
 Children 5-12 Years48 HoursRM 38.00
 Adults > 12 years48 HoursRM 74.00
 Family Package24 HoursRM 140.00

Following is the route map for the KL Hop On Hop Off Malaysia Bus:

Photo by: myhoponhopoff.com

Other Land Transportation in Malaysia:

1. Taxi

Photo by: lcct.com.my

Usually taxis always use metered meters. This does not apply to taxis in Malaysia contracted at KL Sentral or other areas that use the coupon system for payment. Taxi fleets such as KL Bird Park, or for airport taxis / limousines use the coupon system because they set a fixed price. The rate for a standard taxi is 2 ringgit for the first kilometer and then 10 cents for each additional 200 meters depending on the meter.

2. Grab

Photo by: mole.my

Grab is one of the online transportation available in Malaysia. For foreign tourists, grab payments can be made with cash in the RM currency or by using GrabPay which was previously in the Top-Up. GrabPay top-ups can be done at CircleKey or using a credit card.

Well … That was some public transportation that you could use while in Malaysia. Hopefully the information is useful and no longer confused looking for public transportation information in Malaysia.

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