How to Make a Passport or Renew Passport and Register a Queue Online!

Passports are the main thing that must be prepared if we are going to go abroad. Passports are official documents that can be used as identification when we are abroad. Complete information about us is all in the passport. Like the country of origin of the passport holder, full name, photo, signature, place and date of birth, and other important information needed by other countries when we want to visit there.

So what is the process of making a passport? What office are we going to come to? Have to come to register directly or get online? here we will discuss in full about how to make a passport and the types of existing passports.

Immigration Office is an office for making or renewing a passport. For the queue now is to register through the application and online. Online registration every day has their own quota. Every day is divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon sessions, each session has a different quota. This makes it very easy for us, because we do not need to come directly to the immigration office to register, all registration systems are already online. We arrive at the time of our chosen session. So after we register online, we only come with the barcode we get on the online registration and the required documents. Let’s see how to make or extend a passport below:

Step One: Download the Passport Service Application Online

So the first step if we want to make or extend a passport is to download the application from the Immigration Directorate General of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, which is an Online Passport Service application that you can download on the Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iOS users. In this application we are required to register first. In the registration process, we will enter some data, namely NIK (Population Identification Number) that you can get from your KTP or KK, full name, username, password, date of birth, mobile phone number, gender, province, district / city, district and address according to ID card. After the registration process, we will be able to get a passport queue. Next we will search and choose which immigration office we choose to make or extend our passports. After that we will enter the data of the number of applicants (one time registration a maximum of 5 applicants entered), choose the date of arrival, choose the time of arrival (there are 2 sessions namely morning 08:00 to 12:00 and noon 13:00 to 16: 00 / 16:30), then after selecting the session, we will know the available quota at that session, enter the email and after the data entry process is complete we will get a booking code and barcode. Come according to the immigration office and time chosen.

Step Two: Know the Requirements to Make or Renew a Passport

There are several requirements documents that must be prepared to make or extend a passport. Before there was an application on the Play Store or App Store, the required documents had to be uploaded on the immigration website, but now we only need to bring the documents to the immigration office at the file verification stage. don’t forget to bring a copy too. Documents required to make or renew a passport are the same. The following are the required documents that need to be prepared:

For Indonesian Citizens (Indonesian Citizens):

1. valid Resident Identity Card (KTP) – Original and Copy

2. Family Card (KK) – Original and Copy

3. Birth Certificate or Baptist Letter – Original

4. Marriage Certificate or Marriage Book or Diploma – Original and Copy

5. Old Passport (for those who want to extend their passport) – Original

For Indonesian citizens domiciled in Indonesia:

1. Valid ID of both parents – Original and Copy

2. Family Card (KK) – Original and Copy

3. Birth Certificate or Baptist Letter – Original and Copy

4. Parent’s marriage book or marriage certificate – Original and Copy

5. Old passport (if you want to extend your passport)

Step Three: Know the Type of Passport and Manufacturing Costs

NoPassport TypePagesPrices
1Ordinary Passport48 PagesRp. 350.000
  24 PagesRp. 150.000
2Electronic Ordinary Passport (e-passport)48 PagesRp. 650.000
  24 PagesRp. 400.000
3Passport Expense Fee Missingevery bookRp. 1.000.000
4Broken Passport Expense Costsevery bookRp. 500.000

Step Four: Know the Difference between 24 Page and 48 Page Passports

Passports with 24 pages do not have differences in terms of designation, color, function, or purpose. The difference is only in the number of pages (thickness of the book) and the price of manufacture.

Step Five: Know the Location of the Immigration Office for Passports

Even though we have registered online, we also have to come to the Immigration Office for interviews, file verification, and photos. If you don’t know the location of the Immigration office in your area, you can check directly at List Immigration Offices in Indonesian.

Step Six: Know the Passport Validity Period

Knowing the validity period of your passport is also important. Do not let us have a plan to go abroad suddenly but can not order a ticket for peawat because the validity period of the passport is up. The following are valid passports in Indonesia:

1. The validity period of the passport is no more than 5 (five) years from the date of issue.

2. The validity period of a passport issued to a child of dual citizenship may not exceed the age of the child to declare their nationality, the age limit of the child is in accordance with statutory regulations.

3. Extend the passport no later than 6 (six) months before the validity period of the Passport expires.

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